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Criminal Law



Deborah has worked in both State and Federal courts for over 25 years and she understands the damage and pain being charged with a crime can cause you and your family. For all involved there is the fear of the unknown.

When being charged with a crime, it is vital to have an attorney who is knowledgeable in criminal law to represent and defend you. Deborah Cunningham understands that any criminal charge, State or Federal, misdemeanor or felony, can be frightening and the system confusing.

Contact Deborah Cunningham to get the help you need to defend yourself from any charge, to determine the legality of any vehicle, personal, or residential search with or without a warrant. Last, if you and Deborah have determined that a plea agreement is your best option, then she will work hard and creatively to achieve the very best result possible. With Nebraska's new sentence provisions and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, it is essential to be represented by someone who understands the importance of this stage of a case, and is knowledgeable and successful in obtaining the best result.
Assaults (any degree)
Child Pornography
Juvenile Criminal Law
Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Terroristic Threats
Theft and Other Property Crimes

Drug Crimes:
Drug Forfeiture
Drug Trafficking
Federal Criminal Law
Interstate Drug Crimes
Search and Seizure
Traffic Stops
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