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Family Law



The area of family law encompasses many topics, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, property settlement agreements, and parenting plans. Deborah Cunningham is well qualified to represent your interests in these areas, and can help solve the myriad of problems and questions that arise in this area. A consultation will provide guidance and recommendations for resolving your issues. In family law and divorce cases, people experience a wide range of emotion, and soon realize that there are no "winners". You need an attorney dedicated to understanding
your needs and resolving these issues in a way that works best for you.

Family Law Areas of Practice:


Divorce/Legal Separation-Deborah assists clients in finding solutions for every aspect of their divorce, including property division and spousal support, as well as issues pertaining to retirement, and/or pension, and 401K division.

Child Custody and Visitation- Any visitation agreement must take into account the best interests of your child and your family. The concerns of our clients are paramount in custody and visitation agreements that meet your needs. In addition, if relocation out of state with your child is in your plans, you must seek court permission.

Child Support- Child support can be more than a computerized calculation. It is also important to analyze the individual needs of the child, and their health and activities. Although the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines are an Important factor in the child support decision, It Is important to remember that there are valid Issues to be presented on both sides that can impact those calculations.

Custody Modification and Enforcement of Court Orders- Deborah can help modify your child support order or custody and visitation agreement. She can also help enforce payment of court-ordered child support or spousal support.

Alimony: Although alimony findings are not as plentiful as they were in the past, they can be a very important factor in stabilizing home economics. In divorce proceedings, it can be critical for even a temporary award of alimony or spousal support while the parties stabilize the economies of two homes, where there was once one. Sometimes this can be achieved through thoughtful debt allocation. In a long-term marriage or where health concerns are factors, an analysis of the positive impact spousal support can have is essential. It is equally important to ensure that neither debt reallocation nor alimony results in an unfair distribution of monetary assets.

Additional Family Law Services
• Prenuptial Agreement
• Name Changes
•Property Settlement and Debt Allocation

Areas of Family Law that Deborah Cunningham specializes in :

Child Custody
Custody Modification
Child Welfare
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