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A will is the most important document when trying to determine how to handle a loved one's estate after death. Deborah will assist you in organizing the estate, for both debts & assets. Deborah will help determine if small estate documents are efficient and the impact joint tenancy might have in probate. It is a very difficult time for families to try to deal with both grief and the questions about a loved one's estate that will arise so quickly after the death of a family member.

Joint Tenancy Agreements

Informal Estates with or without wills

Healthcare and or Durable Powers of Attorney

When trying to determine how to handle the estate of a loved one, you can rely on Deborah to assist you in resolving any questions. Whether your family member had a will or not or relied on a joint tenancy agreement, Deborah will be able to provide you with thoughtful advice without "over complicating" the issues.


Deborah looks forward to discussing any of the following areas with you:

Informal Probate
Small Estate Proceedings
Will & Trust Administration
Inheritance Tax Questions


The offices of Deborah Cunningham would like to assist you in resolving
issues which may arise in the purchase or sale of your residence, with or without a real
estate agent We can prepare purchase agreements, closing documents, and contracts, trust deeds, and promissory notes to fit your needs.
Powers of Attorney
Informal Estates
Real Estate
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